Caroline Mincks

Showrunner, Crossing Stars

Caroline Mincks (they/them) is a voice actor, writer, and director. They are the creator of Seen and Not Heard, SHIFTS, and Scary Stories for Modern Minds, and they co-create Light Hearts and Hughes and Mincks: Ghost Detectives. You can hear them on This Planet Needs a Name (Zahava), Ad Read (Computer God), and as a co-host on Empty the Queues (Avatar: The Last Airbender track). At any given moment they have at least five other podcasts up their sleeve.

Gaby Hall

Writer, Between Heartbeats

Gaby [they/them] is a researcher by day and a creator by night. Recently, they have been enchanted by audio dramas and their ability to create community and share beautifully crafted stories that speak to our humanity. Gaby's first podcasting project was creating Vile Trials, a sci-fi audio fiction podcast about what it means to do good and to be in control. They are co-writer of Between Heartbeats, which is coming soon! They are also working on other podcast projects which explore elements of horror. Gaby enjoys sound design, creative writing, and voice acting. The biggest lesson they've learned is that everyone's a beginner at one point, and the best way to learn is to give it a try, fail, learn from your mistakes, and learn from others (and above all, have fun).

Nic Fray

Writer, When the Gods Return

Nic is a writer based in Texas, where they live with their wife, too many dogs, and a cat who thinks he runs everything.

Ali Hylton

Showrunner, Human Error

Ali is a synesthesia artist with a love for storytelling and turning life experiences into art. She is the creator of the audio dramas Dining in the Void, Written in Stardust, Human Error, and many more to come. You can almost always find her painting music, writing poetry, or listening to a new and exciting podcast.

Brad Colbroock

Showrunner, Don't Move the Needle

Brad Colbroock is rumored to be a human who works in a lab which conducts highly reputable scientific research. This claim is unsubstantiated and should be taken with a grain of salt. There is much greater evidence that they are a voice actor, appearing in the Haunted Hell House of Horror and Aster Podcasting’s Scary Stories Anthology. They can also be found among the cast of Novitero, The Way We Haunt Now, and Sector Ø. They’re currently working on several upcoming projects for Parazonium Podcasts while juggling sound work for Sector Ø, Arsen, and Zebulon Podcasts.

Chijioke B Williams

Showrunner, Between Heartbeats

Chijioke B Williams has loved stories for as long as she can remember. The ability to connect the author and audience fascinates her endlessly, and she suspects that nothing is more central to the human experience than storytelling. Chi has been hosting a live radio show, Status Quo, for the past five years, during which she has immersed herself in audio drama and begun to write her own. Chijioke seeks to combine her experience as a journalist with her work in radio fiction to bring depth to the characters she writes and the worlds she builds. Chi's hobbies are parkour, sound design, and subverting societal expectations. She now lives in Chicago, where she can be found engaging in all three.

Evan Tess Murray

Showrunner, Quiver

Evan Tess Murray has been a podcast creator and voice actor for about five minutes, a writer for about forever, and works as a professional feminist in Portland, Maine when they’re not podcasting. They launched their podcasting career by making everyone cry as Zei in This Planet Needs a Name, and you’ll be able to hear their voice in a few projects currently in production including a cameo role in the upcoming Seen and Not Heard. They genuinely believe in the power of stories to create community, supply comfort, and inspire action, and if you dig down to the bone you’ll find they’re made mostly of hope and defiance.

Khalila Marie

Showrunner, A Memory of Magick

Khalila Marie is an actress, singer, dancer, and writer from central Virginia. She enjoys good food, belly laughs with good friends, and a good glass of wine (…or three). After over a decade of stage and screen, she’s excited to have found a new creative home in the wonderful world of audio drama. “A Memory of Magick” is her first piece of work as a writer, and she can’t wait to share it with all of you! One of her biggest goals as an artist is to not only highlight and uplift marginalized voices, but to tell stories that show marginalized people as more than just their pain. In a world where whimsy can be difficult to find, she hopes to use her work to spread love, joy, and perhaps… a little magic.

Tal Minear

Showrunner, Don't Move the Needle

Tal (they/them) is a SoCal based podcaster with too many passions and too little time, who cannot be stopped from making things. A Mechanical Engineer by day, they can be found working on audio fiction by night. Tal is the creator of Sidequesting and What Will Be Here and the co-creator of Light Hearts and Someone Dies In This Elevator. They're also working on several upcoming projects for Parazonium Podcasts.

Trace Callahan


Showrunner, The Last Echoes

Trace Callahan is a composer, sound designer, time-slicer, singer, and actor focused on creating intimate soundscapes and music for imaginary worlds through games and audio drama.